Architectural Building Systems offers exterior and interior building products produced by industry leading manufactures that will elevate your space to the next level.

Rooted in the tradition of being the leader in architectural sales, ABS serves architects, designers, contractors, and homeowners as a source of the most up to date technical information and trends. We research, identify, and introduce new products and technologies to the marketplace that are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, cost effective, and add beauty to the commercial and residential construction markets.  We strive to provide the highest quality service and products available


Architects & Designers

As demand increases for greater energy-efficient building materials coupled with elaborate design requirements, architects require a partner who can assist in providing direction, education and technical expertise.  Our product offerings and ongoing educational programs continue to expand with the national emphasis on LEED and sustainable building solutions.


ABS is known for offering contractors high performance and cost effective building products.  We provide technical sales, support and unique product procurement to meet your specific need in both renovation as well as new construction. We pride ourselves in being unmatched in servicing our loyal customers, from large inventory, product literature and samples, to our in-house tint machines, we are committed to your success.


Home Owners

We understand that your home is your greatest investment. ABS will work with your architect to specify and detail the best solution for your needs. We also work closely with contractors to train, instruct, and teach proper detailing or the most efficient method of installation. We offer unique knowledge of each product, providing solutions which best fit your individual project needs. 

Brick design in the downtown skyline.


Located 1535 Baltimore in the heart of downtown Kansas City, Missouri this hotel utilizes Dryvit Outsulation Plus MD with Custom Brick® finish.  As the name suggests, Outsulation systems place insulation on the outside of the building, and are the most effective solution for meeting today’s energy code requirements for continuous insulation (CI).  But there is much more to Outsulation than CI alone, the Outsulation systems deliver the latest in building science solutions for building envelopes, resulting in operational energy efficient, cost effective construction, low maintenance, low embodied energy building solution.



Warm Mediterranean design for a classic downtown casino experience.


Completed in 2003, the Argosy Casino is the largest Dryvit project completed in the Kansas City area with over 160,000 square feet of Dryvit Outsulation Plus MD used.  Each exterior cladding was achieved through the use of the multitude of Dryvit finishes.  Described as one of the best exteriors of all the casinos seen across the country by an Argosy representative, the old world look has continued to age and add character over the the last thirteen years, resulting in lower exterior maintenance over the life of the building.  




Local shops go high-end


Shops at Hawthorne Plaza showcases the versatility of Dryvits during its 2016 renovation.  Knowing that your building is a large financial asset, we offer solutions like ReVyvit by Dryvit which increases energy efficiency, curb appeal, and financial return.  As an exterior wall renovation solution, ReVyvit can revive your building by improving aesthetics, optimizing performance, and substantially increasing your ROI – all without ever closing the doors!



A cozy senior living facility with a signature Tuscan look.


Santa Marta is a retirement community located in Olathe, Kansas completed in 2008.  In order to achieve it's Tuscan look, this project required 80,000 square feet project of Dryvit E™ Finish over Stucco.  The E™ Finish was selected for its enhanced flexibility to bridge hairline cracks that are inherent with stucco.  Years later the project still looks as good as the day it was completed.



Creating energy efficient homes with elegant style.


For home builders and home owners, Architectural Building Systems offers products that bring a variety of design options to add color, texture, depth and character to meet any architectural style desired.  From dramatic entrances and window surrounds to subtle cornice or trim moldings, the combination of choices give an almost endless array of design possibilities.  In addition, homes can be encapsulated in a continuous insulation air and weather barrier protecting the structure from the elements and saving the owner on heating and cooling costs.  Architectural Building Systems’ products deliver the energy saving, Green building solutions demanded by today’s design and building professionals with style and long term performance.